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Frequently Asked Questions

Threads of Hope is a 501 (c)(3) non-profit organization that was born out of a small act of compassion and $100 in 2003 by Alex and Chris Kuhlow who were missionaries in Manila, Philippines. Through years of visits to the island of Mindoro they befriended two girls who sold cotton thread bracelets on the beach together. One girl ended up going into prostitution due to lack of income selling bracelets and was never seen again. The other girl received the $100 and was asked to make as many bracelets as she felt was fair for the money. During a summer furlough, the bracelets were sold very quickly in the U.S. and the proceeds were returned to the family with the request to have more bracelets made. Since then we have purchased hundreds of thousands of bracelets!

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Selling Threads of Hope merchandise to raise funds for your cause AND for impoverished families in the Philippines. There is a 50/50 split of the proceeds.

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There are two major aspects to the functions of Threads of Hope, Inc.

The first is the opportunity to provide this community with support and hope for the future. The second facet of Threads of Hope is the ability to provide thousands of groups, churches and individuals around the world with a means to raise funds for the causes of their choice without expense to them or their organization. Together, they create a system where all involved are blessed.

Fill out the Contact Form. Let us know all about your fundraiser. You must be 18 years old or you need a responsible adult sponsor to act as the contact person. We will send you a form to get you started on your order.

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Doing a Love Project for Threads of Hope means that you are raising 100% of the proceeds from your sales to support families at risk in the Philippines. We provide our products and promotional materials to you or your organization at no upfront product cost! Just $10 for shipping.

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A Fundraiser and a Love Project are fundamentally the same. For both of them you order product and sell as much as you can. The differences begin with the percentage of the proceeds you return to Threads of Hope. You return 50% with a Fundraiser. So you are raising money for your cause and Threads of Hope. With a Love Project, all 100% of the proceeds are submitted to Threads of Hope. There is a difference with the shipping cost too. For both, you pay $10 upfront to cover shipping and handling. For a Love Project you get the $10 back at the end. You just subtract $10 from the proceeds you are sending to us.

The products are consigned to you. They remain the property of Threads of Hope until:

  1. They are sold and a 50% payment is received by Threads of Hope. Payments should be submitted at least every two months as you sell.
  2. The unsold product is returned within 30 days (by your Due Date) after your Project End Date (the date you scheduled to be done selling).

Follow our quick guide to returning unsold product.

Before you request your return shipping label, you will need to know the following: Your current contact information, your invoice number (found near the upper right corner of your invoice), the number of packages you will be returning and the size/type of Priority Mail Flat Rate Box or Envelope you will send it in. You must request a label for each package you are returning

A Bulk Order is an order of large quantities that are purchased. Many organizations place wholesale bulk orders so they can then purchase product at lower prices to make a larger profit than if they were sold as a Fundraiser. Shop now!

NOTE: Bulk order purchases are not eligible to be returned. If you want to raise funds using Threads of Hope products and would like to return unsold product at the end of your project, a Fundraiser is the path to take.
  • Pay 50% of the proceeds accumulated if you are doing a Fundraiser.
  • Pay 100% of the proceeds accumulated if you are doing a Love Project.

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A Ministry Order is an order that contains Gospel or Believe bracelets ONLY. Bracelets used for ministry purposes, meaning they will be given away and not be sold for profit, may be eligible for “Ministry Bracelets as Gifts” pricing.

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No one working directly with Threads of Hope receives a salary from the sale of the bracelets…our work is a labor of love and a demonstration of our Christian faith and Christ’s love for these people.

There are over 200 families and up to 500 Filipinos at times who have made our bracelets, anklets, necklaces, lanyards, eyewear cords, bookmarks, key chains, head or hat bands and camera straps. The vast majority of the products are used as fundraisers globally for a multitude of causes, which creates more demand for the products. We increase their sales so they are not faced with the temptation to sell their children into prostitution or slavery as a means to survive. Their physical, educational and spiritual needs are being met through Threads of Hope in partnership with the local church and Christian Missions of the Philippines, Inc.