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Terms & Conditions

Before your fundraising/love project is approved, you must agree to the following:



Love Projects

The following applies to either type of fundraising:
  1. You agree that Threads of Hope has the final determination over each fundraising request. Your proposal will be reviewed for its purpose, quantity and type of product requested. It is our intention that all requests be for purposes that are moral and ethical in nature. Since this is a Consignment Fundraiser, Threads of Hope as the owner of the product has the responsibility to examine each request accordingly. Fundraiser rejections are rare. If denied, you are always welcome to purchase the product upfront at our discounted bulk prices, if you still wish to sell them.
  2. If you are a minor, you agree to secure an adult sponsor. Since we cannot legally enter into a contract with a minor, it is necessary for you to have a willing adult sponsor for your fundraising project. That adult is ultimately responsible for agreeing to the Terms and Conditions. Please be sure to discuss this with the sponsor before you use their name. We will contact your sponsor to make sure that they understand the Terms and Conditions of the fundraiser. Once we have their consent, we will ship the product requested and email an invoice to both parties. The invoice is NOT a bill. It reflects the consignment value (50% of the total value) of the product that Threads of Hope is entrusting to you to sell. At that point, you agree to take responsibility for the funds and the products throughout the fundraising process, keeping the product in salable condition.
  3. As the adult sponsor, you agree to help Threads of Hope to coach the minor through the fundraising process. The role of the adult sponsor is to offer guidance to the minor. As the sponsor, you agree to see the fundraising through to completion. We are not asking you to physically sell, or re-bundle or return unsold products and make payments. We are, however, asking you to make sure proper measures are taken to care for and secure our products along the way because they are under consignment and all unsold product is to be returned to Threads of Hope by the Due Date. You would also make sure the minor is making payments throughout the project.

    We have created a reference guide that defines the entire process and the tools needed for completion. When questions arise it is the key to a successful fundraiser. You agree to advise the minor to get well acquainted with and follow the steps that are clearly defined within the document. We will be sending emails intermittently to help coach them as well.

By reading to the end of these Terms and Conditions you will understand how our process works so that you can make an informed decision about being the sponsor for the minor who submitted your name.

This is a brief definition of the process:

A) Product is requested and consigned to a reseller (you and the minor) with only a $10 credit card charge for shipping. Threads of Hope remains the owner of the product.

B) A consignment invoice is sent that reflects the consignment value (50% of the total value) of the product Threads of Hope is entrusting to you to sell. It is not a bill.

C) As product is sold, 50% of the proceeds are sent to Threads of Hope every 2 months. Each payment reduces the balance on the account.

D) When the selling period is over, up to 30 days are allowed to make a final payment and return all unsold, consigned product to Threads of Hope. Credit will be given for the consignment value of each piece returned provided it is not damaged due to negligence. Threads of Hope will supply a return shipping label to retrieve our unsold product at our expense.

E) At the end of the project, if steps C and D were followed faithfully, your invoice balance should be zero. Failure to do steps C and D, however, would result in your credit card being charged for the balance due and the ownership of the remaining product would transfer to you, to do with as you please. Your credit card will be charged $10 for shipping. If your fundraising project is declined, the $10 will be refunded to your card. As always, you are welcome to purchase the products upfront at our discounted Bulk prices.

After approval of your fundraising request, you must agree to the following:

  1. You agree to sell merchandise at these prices.


  2. You pay $10 for shipping to receive the consigned product. We will cover the cost of retrieving our unsold product at the end of your project, or if you decide to keep it, we will charge your card. You do not pay for the product upfront. Threads of Hope is consigning it to you. We remain the owner of the product. You agree to contribute $10 towards the shipping expenses. Typically, you will receive your consignment within a week of your application being approved. You will also receive an email with an invoice attached that reflects the consignment value (50% of the total value) of the products that Threads of Hope is entrusting to you. It is not a bill.

    Because we recognize that greater variety produces greater sales, we encourage you to get a bit more product than you think you will need. We do not expect you to sell 100% of the product we consign to you. But we do expect you to return all of our unsold product at the end of your project. Failure to do so will be interpreted as your request to purchase the product in your possession. We have collected credit card information as a protective measure for Threads of Hope and hundreds of families in the Philippines who depend on us and you for their next meal.

    To assist you with completing your project, Threads of Hope will cover the cost of retrieving our product by providing you with a prepaid return shipping label if you are sending a package from the USA or Canada. You can request the label when you have the package ready to ship according to our instructions. If you live outside of North America, you may upload the receipt for the return shipping and put it in your package and we will reimburse you by reducing your balance due.

  3. You agree to use the tools provided by Threads of Hope to guide you successfully through your project. Completing a Threads of Hope fundraiser is not difficult, but it does require a little bit of study to learn what is expected of you and how to execute those responsibilities. We have created a reference guide that explains everything. You agree to review it as soon as you receive your invoice.
  4. You should notify Threads of Hope as soon as possible if there is a difference between the product you requested and the product you received. When your shipment arrives, you agree to do Step 1 in the reference guide as soon as possible to verify that you received exactly what you requested. We make every effort to send you what you specified, but if a product is backordered or we sent the wrong quantity or the wrong product, you will need to notify Threads of Hope before you start selling so that we can adjust your invoice or send the appropriate product to rectify the discrepancy.

    Notifying us of the discrepancy before you start selling is in your best interest. It will be especially important that our invoice matches the product you were consigned when we reach the end of the project. Matching records will help to assure that you are not incorrectly charged on your credit card at the end of your project because of failure to report a discrepancy at the beginning of your project.

  5. If you will be distributing the consigned product to multiple people, careful tracking of the product and the proceeds is necessary. You are responsible for all of the product that is consigned to you, therefore, you agree to closely track the whereabouts of all product and collect the proceeds from individuals you may have distributed product to before or during your fundraising project. We have created a Group Sales Tracking Sheet that will help you log the activity of each person that will be helping you to sell the product.

    Shortly after the end of your selling period, you will want to retrieve all product and proceeds from anyone who was helping you sell. You are responsible for any missing product or proceeds not returned to Threads of Hope before your Due Date, so good records are imperative.

  6. You pay for the products as they are sold. Throughout your fundraising project, as proceeds are collected from your sales, you agree to pay Threads of Hope 50%, at least every 2 months.
  7. If you would like more time to sell and/or you need more product, the request must be made before your Project End Date. If you would like to extend your fundraising timeline, you agree to contact Threads of Hope in one of two ways. A) Send an email before your Project End Date to make a formal request. Or B) If you are getting low on product and you need to restock, you may request an extension as well while you are in the TOH Proposal-Order Form. Use the RESTOCKING option at the beginning of the form.

    The maximum extension time is 3 months. Before an extension and/or a restocking request would be granted, your account must reflect a payment made within the last 60 days. If your account is in good standing and the extension is granted, we will adjust your Project End Date and your Due Date. You will be notified via email. Your open invoice(s) will be attached reflecting your new Due Date.

  8. You agree that you’ll have 30 days after you stop selling to make a final payment and return our unsold, consigned product according to our specifications. All of the information to complete the process is found here.


  9. You agree that after 60 days, any remaining balance on your account will be charged to your credit card. History tells us that we needed to implement a new system to help partners follow the process through to completion. As a measure of protection for safeguarding the interests of the families at risk who make our products, we realize that it is our fiscal responsibility to collect overdue funds and recover our unsold product in a timely manner. We want to encourage our partners to act honorably and follow through with their responsibilities. Hundreds of at risk families in the Philippines are depending on our honor, as well as yours, to help meet the basic needs of their children. It is our sincere hope that when we reach the Charge Date, we will never have to charge anyone’s credit card due to unpaid account balances.

    In the past we did not have the manpower or resources to remind thousands of customers to settle up their accounts. We believe that the neglect of this responsibility was not done in malice. People simply forget. And Threads of Hope shares the blame! So in an effort to do better, we have invested in a new system that will automatically email our partners systematically with instructions to remind them to do their part.

    You agree that your obligation is not complete until all unsold product is returned and your money is submitted on or before your Due Date. Should we reach the Charge Date and it becomes necessary to charge your credit card due to an unpaid balance, you agree to allow the charge to your card. At that point, the ownership of the product transfers to you.

  10. Please Be Honest! Our entire fundraising program is based on the honor system, so your cooperation is essential for us to continue offering the program as it exists today.

Thank you and God Bless!