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Ministry Bracelets

Bracelets used for ministry purposes, meaning they will be given away and not be sold for profit, may be eligible for “Ministry Bracelets as Gifts” pricing.

Gospel Bracelets

A Gospel Bracelet is a bracelet modeled after the colors of the Child Evangelism Fellowship’s “Wordless Book”. Each colored band represents one aspect of the message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. These bracelets are used as an evangelistic tool to introduce the Gospel. View the gospel message.

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Believe Bracelets

A Believe Bracelet is a tool designed to help a Believer understand and embrace the truth about their identity in Christ. Each colored band on the bracelet associates with a Scriptural truth.

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Ministry Bracelets as Gifts

If you are giving the ministry bracelets away or selling them at your purchase price, the price is $.40 each plus $10 for shipping and handling. So the total = (Number of bracelets x .40) + $10 for shipping. However, if you plan to sell them for a profit and are purchasing in bulk, the round bracelets price applies. The same is true if you want to include them in your Fundraiser or Love Project.

If you are doing a Fundraiser or Love Project, you may request the Ministry Bracelets to be included with your proposal order. The $.40 price listed here is reserved for those who will give the bracelets away as an evangelism/discipleship tool.

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