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Love Projects

We call it a Love Project when you want 100% of the proceeds to go to supporting the artisan's communities in the Philippines.

Love Projects work just like a Fundraiser, except, you send all of the money you raise back to Threads of Hope. It is a huge benefit to the families and communities who made these beautiful products.

We will pay shipping costs both ways. (You will need to deposit $10 for shipping, but we will refund it at the end of your project.) 

  1. Fill out the contact form to let us know hat you are interested in raising money for Threads of Hope, how and where you would like to sell the products and the target amount you hope to raise. The proposal must designate a responsible adult sponsor, to act as a contact person. The minimum order is 300 pieces.
  2. Upon evaluation and acceptance of your proposal, Threads of Hope, Inc. will send you a link to select the products you wish to sell. We will ship merchandise, email further instructions (about payments and returning unsold product) and promotional materials to the sponsor, upon their request, for a $10 shipping and handling fee. We cover the return shipping costs. Donations are welcome to help to offset the cost of shipping.
  3. Your network of people will find creative ways to sell the merchandise. (We can offer suggestions that have been very successful in the past.)
  4. Throughout your project, you faithfully send us 100% of the proceeds every two months to help us stabilize the incomes of the families who made these products for Threads of Hope. 
  5. Within 30 days of the completion of your project, you make a final payment to Threads of Hope, Inc. equal to 100% of your final sales and return all unsold merchandise, at our expense. Use our quick guide to learn how to process your return and request a return shipping label.
  6. Once we receive your final payment and our unsold products, our team of volunteers will take up to 30 days to process them and apply them to your account.

*You must be at least 18 years old or have an adult sponsor to host a Love Project.d

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