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Returning Product

To the impoverished families in the Philippines that you set out to help initially, you become a hero when your account balance is zero!

  1. Retrieve product and proceeds: Contact anyone in your group who was given products to sell. Retrieve all of Threads of Hope’s unsold, consigned product and proceeds collected from sales from anyone in your group who had product.
  2. Count and re-bundle: Prepare the bundles as they were when you received them. Review bundle totals if needed. Please put one rubber band on each end of the full bundles. Two rubber bands, one on each end, is our secret code for full bundles! Therefore, at most, there should only be one partial bundle (having only one rubber band) for each product type at the end of the re-bundling process.
  3. Condense the product: To save money on shipping, please condense the product and the reusable brochures, handouts, DVD’s and banners into the smallest package possible to help prevent excessive mailing fees. The United States Postal Service provides the “Flat Rate” Priority envelopes and boxes (the Flat Rate envelopes and boxes are provided free of charge…we only pay the Flat Rate fee associated with the size you request) with tracking and is usually the most economical way to return products. Find the smallest size that will accommodate all of your returns and use that option. It is okay to pack the products in tightly since they can’t be damaged by doing so.
  4. Locate information that will help identify the package: The most important piece of information you can give us is your Consignment Invoice Number. It can be found in the upper right area of your invoice. It is 5 digits only, with no leading character. Use your current contact information. Be sure to use the same email address that you used to order from Threads of Hope initially.
  5. Fill out a Remittance Slip: Filling out a Remittance Slip will assist you in recording all of the product and their quantities that are being shipped. Include one copy in your package and to keep one copy for your records. This is a very important document. It creates accountability for both you and Threads of Hope. Our volunteers will use your enclosed Remittance Slip as a cross reference as they count the returns. If you need to send more than one package, make sure the Slip you put in each package matches only the contents of that package.
    If you don’t have access to a printer, look at the Remittance Slip on our website and include the same information on a piece of paper of your choosing. Please do not send the package without identifying it as yours and telling us which products and their quantities you are returning. We continue to receive packages that contain no identification inside or outside. If we cannot figure out who the package came from, we cannot credit the proper account.
  6. Complete your Final Payment: Please follow our instructions for making a payment. If you are sending along a check or money order in the package, be sure to fill in the payment portion of the Remittance Slip (Box B) (Please DO NOT send cash in the package. Deposit the cash into your bank account. Then send an online payment or have the bank issue you a money order to put in the package instead.)
  7. Request your return shipping label or shipping reimbursement: You will need to submit one return shipping label or reimbursement request for each package you will ship. When we receive your request we will email your label(s) within 1-3 days.
  8. Affix the label: When you receive your return label via email, print it and affix the label to your package and drop it at the nearest USPS office or arrange for them to pick it up, if in the USA. If in Canada, take it to  a Canada Post office. If you are outside of North America, we will process your reimbursement request after we receive your package.
  9. Close and send the package: Put a completed Remittance Slip in each package. (Make sure Box A is complete with your contact information and Box C contains the product quantities and types.)
    Note: If you are sending the package at your own expense you do not have to use priority mail. Regular mail will do just fine. Keep your receipt that contains your tracking number until you are sure that we have received the package. Feel free to email us to ask if we have got it. Send the package to: Threads of Hope, Inc., PO Box 182, Neenah, WI 54957-0182.
  10. Wait for a reply from Threads of Hope:
    Once you complete the previous step, you are done with your part of the process. Now just sit back and relax while we process your remittances.

Within the next 30 days our volunteers will process your returns and final payment. They will credit your account accordingly. We will contact you if there are any large discrepancies. You will receive a statement via email reflecting your current balance after the payment has been applied and again when the products are counted and the credit memo is applied. Each transaction should bring your balance closer to zero!​