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Shipping Label Request

You are here because you are ready to return unsold product, right?

** Only those customers who paid $10 for shipping when they ordered are eligible to receive a Return Shipping Label.
** You will have to fill out this form one time for each label you are requesting.

Please be advised that we can only send return shipping labels to shipments originating in the USA and Canada. If your shipment is originating from outside of North America you pay for shipping, fill out the form and upload a photo of your shipping receipt. We will reimburse you for it by crediting your account balance.

Before we can assist you, we need to collect the following:

  1. Your current invoice number(s). You may return product from multiple invoices in one package to help us save on shipping fees.
  2. Your current contact information to make sure that we have the proper address for the label.
  3. The package information. (Please choose the smallest package possible.)
    If in the USA: you will specify the Priority Mail Flat Rate package size. If returning a large banner in a Priority Mail Medium Tube Box, we will need the weight as well.
    If in Canada: You will use a plain package that will go First Class International for which we will need the weight and dimensions of the package.
    If outside of North America: We will need the cost, tracking number, an uploaded photo of the shipping receipt and the weight.