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Fundraiser Instructions

As a guide to successfully complete this fundraiser please review these steps carefully, including all of the links, so that you understand how our process works and what is expected of you. Keep it handy for future reference.

Before you start selling:

  1. Request & receive product.
  2. Make sure your invoice reflects what you actually received.Separate product typescount bundles and verify totals for each product to make sure it matches your invoice. If you discover any discrepancies please notify us here right away (or email us at so our records can be adjusted to match what you actually received. Accurate records will be very important at the end of your project as we settle up your account.
  3. It is important that you review the price list so that you sell the product at the correct prices.

NOTE: If multiple people are selling product, we highly recommend that you download the Group Sales Tracking Sheet. The spreadsheet will give you a place to track the individuals who have been given product. You can record the quantity of each product they were given and returned to you, and the amount of money you received from them based on what they sold. This information will be vital when you get to step 3 below.

*You must be at least 18 years old or have an adult sponsor to host a fundraiser.*

While you are selling:  

You agree to send us 50% of the proceeds every two months, if your fundraiser exceeds 60 days(Send 100% if doing a Love Project.) See our payment info to learn how to make you payments. Your mid-project payments help stabilize the incomes of the families at risk who make these products by giving us the funds necessary to consistently purchase more products from them. 

If you wish to extend your selling timeframe and/or restock product because sales are going well, the request must be made before your Project End Date. Your request will likely be honored if you have made a payment in the last 30 days. Please contact us if you wish to restock.

Within 30 days after you are done selling:

You should be done selling by the Project End Date you specified.  We created your Due Date by selecting the last day of the month after your Project End Date. We ask that you do your absolute best to get the unsold products and final payment into our hands by the Due Date on your invoice.  Here is our quick guide to help you wrap up your project.

After another 30 days:

After we receive your payment and unsold product, we need up to 30 days to apply those credits to your account. We will notify you via email of your account balance (if any). If a balance remains and you are working with us to resolve it, there will be no need to charge your credit card. If you are not cooperating with us, however, we reserve the right to charge your card and any unreturned product becomes your property.

For more details, see our FAQs or contact us if you have more questions.