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Bracelet Makers SM-41

A Win-Win Fundraiser

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Fundraising with Meaning

Bracelet Makers SM-37

Buy A Bracelet,
Change a Life

Bracelet Makers SM-46

All Hand-Made

Ways you can help

Bulk Purchase

When you purchase our products in bulk, you pay for them upfront at a discounted price. 100% of the proceeds are invested in a way that helps the Threads of Hope community thrive. None of the proceeds from your sale need to be returned. There are no returns for bulk purchases.


When you fundraise, we consign you the product with no up-front cost, and you sell at our prices. 50% of the proceeds from your sales are sent back to Threads of Hope to help the communities. 50% of the proceeds will go towards your cause. You may return any unsold product for full credit.

Love Project

When you choose a love project, there are no up-front product costs. We send you the product, and you sell at our prices. All proceeds are sent back to Threads of Hope to help the communities where the products are made. You may return any unsold product for full credit.

No time for a project? Just want some for you? Whether it’s 1 bracelet or 100 bracelets, every purchase provides hope and help to the community.

Our Mission

We exist to empower families to create home enterprises that turn their vulnerable communities into sources of physical, educational and spiritual nourishment.

PLEASE NOTE! In this video, we mention buying $25,000 worth of product each month. Having a dependable income through those regular orders for years has allowed the community to gain more financial stability, which reduces the need for us to order bracelets regularly. The proceeds still all go back to the people in that community! Most of the funds we receive are used for running our quality 7-12th grade school ACTS, (Aninuan Christian Training School).

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Need a ministry tool? Our gospel & believe bracelets are the perfect solution!

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